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Why Serverless DNA?
Jan 8, 2023 1 min read
General information about Serverless DNA. Covers what the site is about and why we created it.

We have learned over time that Serverless technology is complex and involves understanding many connected concepts and domains of knowledge. Therefore, serverless articles must go deep and wide simultaneously, which is difficult for both learners and content producers.

Serverless DNA provides smaller articles that cover a single, targeted topic to help you discover and learn about Designing and Building Serverless solutions one step at a time. We compare our articles with the DNA molecules that create life. Through browsing and exploring, you will quickly learn the essential pieces of knowledge you need right now without needing to wade through large and complex articles.

We encourage you to take your time and explore the Serverless DNA Strands to learn how to design and build with Serverless Managed Services. We are working to make Serverless DNA a welcoming place for Serverless knowledge. We will be adding features to enable you to customise your journey and receive notifications for updates to Strands or topics of interest.

Check out our roadmap for more details and follow us on twitter