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Public RoadMap
Feb 25, 2023 1 min read
What's next for Serverless DNA? We will periodically publish updates to the public roadmap as new feature ideas get closer to reality. Feel free to submit your ideas to us using our social contacts.

Serverless DNA has emerged and you are using the Minimum Viable Product. There is so much more that we plan to develop to create a community tool for learning about Serverless Cloud Technology.

Public Roadmap Items

  • Improved Strand layouts with related strand links
  • Integrate SEO and card details into strands/articles for twitter cards etc
  • Optimise package use and bundling size
  • Optimise page speed for template pages - MD Content pages
  • Add site search to help everyone find information
  • Add in detailed list of Podcasts episodes
  • Add capability to index and create links to community blog post articles
  • Strand view stats
  • Article click-through stats - will gather stats for internal and external content
  • Addition of external links to articles within strands
  • Display of related articles when reading content
  • Display of related strands when reading content
  • User sign-up capability to enable:
    • customisation of content
    • notifications for strands of interest
    • bookmark feature
    • Likes feature

If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas on Serverless DNA - send us an email now!