Serverless DNA is a blog site focused on AWS Serverless technology. We aim to bring you in-depth knowledge in small, digestible doses like molecules in a DNA strand. Articles are organised into browseable knowledge strands, that are intertwined and connected.

Nature's blueprint is DNA. Strands of genetic code intertwine to combine and create life in an environment that operates without order. As a result, the world where we live and thrive is asynchronous. Serverless solutions are Event driven and work best when there is no synchronicity. Event-driven systems and Digital Native Architectures (DNA) operate asynchronously to mimic nature. Learning to design and build Digital Native Architectures requires knowledge across multiple strands of DNA.

Serverless DNA enables browsing these Strands criss-crossing the domains, learning what you need to develop Serverless solutions.

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About Serverless DNA

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Running systems at scale and understanding what is happening is super important! Read up on observability and understand how to recognise problems and ask questions about your solutions.

Thinking Serverless

Going "Serverless First" takes a different approach than traditional development, explore this strand and develop your Serverless Mindset.


If you are new to Serverless we recommend you start here. This strand contains beginner articles and will help you get started.

The Evolution of Serverless DNA

Discover the Evolution of Serverless DNA and what we have learned along the way. We will write about Serverless, Front-End, Back-End, React, and Next.JS.


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