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When Serverless Goes Wrong

Have you ever wondered how to tell if your Serverless system is going wrong or have you ever seen what happens when Scalability boundaries clash? We have got you covered - we have created a project with exactly this problem and have a performance test setup so you can watch what happens when Serverless starts to fail.

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Getting Started

Observability feels hard, but it doesn't have to be. We just need to make sure we have the Observability Mindset and think upfront about observability as we code. How do we achieve this? Read this article to find out how simple it really can be!

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Getting the Observability Mindset

Observability is a mindset. It's a conscious choice to expose data to enable questions to be answered when you need to ask them. Learn what it is to Get the Observability Mindset and why it is important. You will only be better at Serverless for getting there!

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Watch for Scalability Boundaries

Scalability boundaries are the number one enemy of Serverless. Know how to watch out for them and what to do when they go wrong.

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